I am one of the early IPad adopters and have had it around the house for 3-4 weeks now. Here are some random thoughts:

- Typing on it is awful. There I said it. It’s basically not possible to send an email or write anything on it. Oh sure, the keyboard is bigger etc, but it just doesn’t work for me. It reminds me of learning to type a long time ago, I’m reaching constantly for the backspace key.
- Typing / browsing: Several people have commented that the IPad shouldn’t be thought of as a content creation device, but a content consumption device. Typing on it is so hard, that even typing URL’s are a pain in the neck. Part of this has to do with the fact that the ’special’ characters like @, - etc are not on the default keyboard layout.

- Watching a movies. Watching movies on the IPad is also not as good as you may think it is. The IPad is big, somewhat heavy and very slippery. That means that it’s hard to put it in a upright position because it will slip down. This means that you have to hold it the whole time, which is not nice. (I just finished watching an awful movie, hopefully that didn’t influence my view on this too much :-)

- Flash. So here’s the deal: I’m in an airplane now, and thought that i could listen to the sharks - blackhawk game online. Unfortunately, the station that carries the game uses a flash player, so no dice. :-( If you don’t know, Steve himself has deemed Flash to not be good enough for the IPad, so I guess that means us peons can’t have it.

- Reading Books: too Heavy, too slippery.

- Games, Apps: The apps are well done. The family likes the card game and the flight game.

Overall score: 6 out of 10. Nothing too compelling right now. Still intrigued by the potential.


- screen. The screen is gorgeous.