‘t Was that time of year again where I had to study up for the once-every-2-year flight review. This event is most often incorrectly billed as a biannual, which means twice a year. The correct spelling is biennial, but everyone gets that wrong, so people call it the BFR, B-flight-review, problem solved.


A late change had me doing my ground review with Laurent. This was more thorough than usual, we spent a good 1.5 hours reviewing regulations, airspace, medical, weather and so on. It was then on to the flight review, which I did with Andrew. I normally fly with Laurent, but a change is good. When flying with another instructor you learn things because they have different things that are emphasized.

And what a flight review it was.. For the next 2.5 hours, and 12 landings (not counting the go arounds) I worked my butt off. Slow flight, emergency procedures, power on / off stalls, three point landings, it was hard work. I’m proud to say that I passed, learned a few things and pushed a few envelopes.

I am sore though and on the couch: right leg from rudder and arms / back from pulling the yoke into stalls and go arounds. It was well worth it though.