I had promised the neighbors that I would take them up for a bay tour almost 2 years ago but thanks to life interfering it hadn’t happened. Today was the day. It’s typical fall (winter ?) weather here: clear and crisp. We went for a bay tour: up to San Carlos, over San Francisco international and the to dowtown SF. We flew back along the coast. It was more bumpy than we expected but the trip was appreciated by the neighbors and I fullfilled my promise; all in a day’s work.



11/28/04 Paso Robles

I took some days off before thanksgiving, to relax. Thanksgiving is typically very slow here in the States, and my calendar looked pretty empty too. I planned a trip to Paso Robles that only happened on the last day of the weekend. Paso Robles is 129 miles from Palo Alto. Our former neighbors live there, but since we don’t have their phone number and they’ve got an unlisted number I wasn’t planning on visiting them. (Update, we did have their number, but now I’m back :-)

Getting out of the Bay Area IFR from Palo Alto is typically something like: tight turn 060, climb maintain 3000, expect 5000 within 10 minutes. This time was no exception. After intercepting the V107 airway I was on my way to Vinco, ROM and then to Paso Robles GPS-a + procedure turn. After a quick cappocino, I headed back flying vfr and low. (On a totally unrelated note: if you want to know what, say, a saucier or a entremettier does in a restaurant, read these unusually thourough job descriptions from the restaurant on the airport: http://www.matthewsattheairport.com/employment.htm )


Cheers, -Roger