5/27/03 Evening Flight

The weather has been gorgeous and warm. Since we as a family have not taken a “night” flight yet, I propose to go for dinner after work. We fly in silky smooth air to Watsonville to our favorite Mexican restaurant. In the evening when the air gets still, the whole experience is different than during the day. It seems as if everything is quieter and more peaceful.

5/30/03 German Visitors

A good friend of mine has some visitors over. They’re very interested in taking a bay tour. The weather is good so we go. We fly from Palo Alto to San Carlos, San Francisco airport to San Francisco. We view the Golden Gate bridge, Coit tower and fly back along the coast. After the trip they ask me if they can pay me, I tell them to send me the picture of them before the plane, so here goes.


6/9/03 Renske and John

Renske had never flown with me. The first opportunity after I got my license was when she came over with a friend. The weather was sufficiently bad (high winds) that I cancelled. Then when we went to Australia there was another opportunity but a combination of schedule and weather again prevented us to go. When they came over to the US, a trip was high on the agenda and this time, the weather cooperated.