02/09/03 Annual

After getting a ferry permit, I made it over to Reid Hillview for the annual. So far we everything seems to be allright, the big ticket items have been checked and are OK. The engine compression numbers are good, and we found no corrosion (other than some cosmetic on top of the wing. I need to patch that up.).


2/15/03 Flight test

No problems found. The oil level was lower than usual, this may have been because more oil than usual was drained from the engine during the anual. There’s often a quart or so left, but this time I let the oil flow out for more than an hour while working on other parts. This must have been one of the smoothest anuals I’ve done. I guess experience helps a lot. Besides the normal replacement items, I also put new tires on. I need to do a better job rotating them, the life of the previous pair was shortened by the lack of rotating.

2/23/03 Lodi

Instead of going to Watsonville for a Burrito or Quesadilla, we flew up north to Lodi. This is the same place where we ended up while fling back from Columbia. There’s a nice restaurant with a view on the runway and there’s lots of Ultra light activity. We had a nice lunch. Jasper fell asleep on t he way back.

1/3/03 Livermore: Hunting !

A collegue of mine hunts somewhere around Livermoore and invited me to come over. After some consideration I thought it would be an interesting experience. Without spending too much space on this I figured that since I’m not a vegetarian, there’s really no reason why not instead of going to the safeway where someone else does the bidding for you, you go to a field and do it yourself. In the end, if you eat meat, some animal is going to get killed because of it. Annnyywayyy, I decided it would be interesting, I’ve never hunted before. After a 13 minute flight and 1.5 hours driving we arrived at the hunting spot. I have flown over this part of the north bay often, it’s enroute to Sacramento. The area is flat, and part of the sacramento river delta which is man made. You hunt with a dog and there are to types of dogs: Flushers and Pointer. A pointer points at where the wildlife is. A flusher walks a couple of yards in fron of from left to right. Once it finds a bird it will chase it up, and the hunter shoots it. The dog then retrieves the bird. We hunted a single bird after walking for about 2 hours.