I’ve been upgrading to a Mac, and as a result I had to change my website tools from the ones that run on the PC to one that runs on the Mac. After some research I found that Abode Go Live would be the best tool moving forward. It has taken me some time to import my old site and get it up in the new tools, but I think it has worked. I was able to up and download the files, without breaking anything too much. I have also rewritten the naviagation code, you normally don’t see that. On top of this I had to change internet providers. The one that I had for more than 7 years decided that they had to merge and charge ridiculous prices for less service. That’s why there haven’t been a lot of updates, but it should proceed as normal from here on out

Going through my logbook I’ve made 6 flights in the last 7 weeks. Not bad considering that we also travis.jpg
took a vacation to Puerto Vallerta. One of the flights was with my mother, one of them with a colleague who is moving back to Minnesota.

The airplane hads been washed and cleaned as well as degreased, and that begs for a trip. Tha trip was planned for last week but upon arrival at the airplane to our big dissapointment Michael and I found out that we had a flat tail wheel. As part of the conspiracy, we had cleaned my car too, s I didn’t have the right tools to fix it either. Bummer. Oh well. So we went back later that evening and replaced the inner tube of the tailwheel. Normally I’d like to change both the tube and the tire at the same time but the current tire is as good as new. The main tires do need to be rotated and probably changed at the end of the year. Due to the “tow in” of the gear, they don’t wear very evenly. The outer threads are moe worn than the inner ones.

Tomorrow we’ll go with the kids for a Buritto run (short trip to Watsonville where we eat Quesadilla’s, go figure).

Watsonville Burrito Run

Sunday’s the day, the weather is great and we’re in the mood. We’re going to Watsonville, and it’s going to be fun !

Initially, Jasper is slightly concerned about our general direction, but after checking it out, he’s fine. It is then Michaels time to be concerned. On short final, he’d like to make sure we’re lined up with the runway correctly. He has spotted Watsonville airport from the air (can you?).


Fortunately, the pilot knows what he’s doing. So we are lined up for runway 20 correctly. After a good landing and a even better lunch ( Quesadilla’s, Rice, Virgin Margaritha and Kids Pancakes ) It’s time to reflect on the day a little. What better place than in the yard behind the terminal under a tree. The temps are on the high side; 80 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit. It’s then time to fly back to Palo Alto. The tower clears us to taxi back to Parking. It’s been quiet in the back …