Starting IFR, Angel Flights

8/03/01 Angel flight
I’ve been interested in joining the Flying Doctors for  a while now, however time and an IFR rating have stood in the way. There is an alternative for the Flying Doctors that has less critical missions. Angel flight transports stable patients to an from remote locations. I’ve sent in my application, and I’ve been approved. Next step is to get checked out by one of their check pilots. I’m looking forward to this, should be interesting and useful.

Subject: Angel Flight application
Date: Thu, 16 Aug 2001 10:25:00 -0700
From: Michelle.Perry@XXX.XXX (Michelle Perry)

Dear Roger,
Thank you so much for your interest in Angel Flight. I’ve received your application and am in the process of entering it into our database. You should be receiving a new member notebook shortly. Please call me at (310)390-XXXX if you have any questions, and we look forward to having you with us!

Michelle Perry
Angel Flight

8/11/01 IFR lessons
I have decided some time ago to finish my IFR rating. I now have the plane and the panel. The usual excuse here is to get your IFR rating to punch through the fog: even though that is a valid reason I want it to become a better and more precise pilot. It is also required for any cross Atlantic trips :-)

My instructor is Zdravko, the same person that I took my mountain check out with. He is a fairly new CFII but we


work well together. This is important, a plane is small if your instructor annoys you. There is an insurance issue: my plane requires any PIC (pilot in command) to have at least 250 hours in tail wheel and 50 in make and model (Cessna 180) There aren’t too many folks with 250 in tail wheel aircraft, let alone that and 50 in 180’s. I’m now working with the insurance company to work things out. I will be PIC for most of the time even while I get instruction, however if you want to file a flight plan, the PIC has to be IFR rated, and that I’m not. Confusing ? It’s actually even more complex. The lesson goes very well, I’m not as rusty flying under the hood as I thought I would be. Even partial panel works nicely.

8/13/01 Bay Tour
Frans is in town, so we’ll make a bay tour. It’s a nice and clear day. We keep it to 3/4 of an hour, one of the passengers might or might not feel queasy. For a first trip it’s always best not to push your luck

8/14/01 IFR lesson #2
A little more hood work including an ILS approach to Livermore 25R. I think I stayed within minimums the whole approach. As an aside, any landing I have made so far with Zdravko in the plane was an absolute stinker. He probably thinks I always land that way :-)

8/19/01 Carmel Valley ?
It’s a beautiful day so we plan to leave for Carmel valley. I look on the weather page of were they recently added nice live satellite pictures of the bay area and it’s surroundings. All clear in Carmel Valley. When we get in in the air, all of Carmel *and* it’s surroundings are under a thick cloud layer. We divert to Reid Hillview and have a snack there. When we come back I find I have a new neighbor on the field: Juan who is an old friend of mine that I used to play soccer with at Oracle. He need to fly and leave his plane to Sacramento Executive to get a new IFR GPS. I offer him to fly there too, so that we can fly back together.