03/25/00 Flying and lack thereof
I’ve been under the weather, allergies so I haven’t been flying too much. If I get a chance to get to the airport I go, but I need to be sensitive to my family needs too ! With Jasper I need to help a lot more. But now that everyone is sleeping, I snuck out to take 94C around the pattern several times. Winds were pretty stiff. After several landings I decided to head in the general direction of Livermore. It is good for the engine to let it warm up so that any moisture in the oil can be burned of. Moisture in the oil is acid, and creates corrosion.

I can honestly say that I encountered the worst turbulence ever over Sunol. It was pretty bad. The week before when my sister was in town, I declined to take them up for the same reasons, and I’m glad I did. It wasn’t pleasant.

04/02/00 Bird’s Nest !
Again, a little bit of time to fly and so I went to the airport. I had noticed that there was more birds poopoo directly under my propeller than under any of the other planes. Fearing the worst I peaked under the cowling and sure enough a bird had been building a nest in the engine department. Through the holes in the nose I tried to take the twigs out, but it was futile. I had to take the top cowling of to clean it out. I was impressed by the nest that had been build on top of my engine. Hundreds of twigs and feathers where all over my cylinders and exhaust system. Fortunately no eggs yet and also fortunately the birds hadn’t been eating away at the wiring in the engine compartment. The wires that they would have had access too aren’t very appealing, they have a metal shielding. Long story short: I understand why the birds sanctuary close to the airport is a problem. It took me almost 2 hours to clean it out. After that I still went flying, knowing full well that I was stretching my luck with the home front. I now have installed the cowling plugs that my mother made. However I want to make a refinement so that I can install these plugs when the engine is still warm. Also the color, red, is useful in that it stands out, but it really gives the plane a nose bleed look. So I need to color coordinate them !

05/02/00 Angwin and Nut Tree
My continued quest to visit new airports took me to Nut Tree airport and Angwin. Nut Tree is your normal CA airport. Nothing much to see, nothing much to do. At least as far as I could tell from the front seat :-) After Nut Tree I flew on to Angwin, which is considerably nicer. May03_01.jpg It has an elevation of 1800 feet, pattern altitude 2800 feet. Not an mountain strip by any stretch of imagination, but the runway is one direction, is only 60 feet wide, and has an significant slope to it. Also, approaching from 16 there are trees at the end of the runway. Departure is kind of funny: before you leave you are requested to make a clearing turn in front of the silver dome (left in the picture). This dome looks like an small observatory. Turns out that the FBO (fixed base operator) on the field operates a liberal art college. Students of that college can earn their private pilots license. They have 4 Cessna 152’s (one of the is the plane that is taking the runway 34 in the picture) and a Cherokee. I have never been to a cleaner public restroom in my life. The restroom even featured a shower. Coke $ 0.50, Snickers bar $0.50.

05/12/00 9394C featured in magazine advertisement as well as online !
Bruce’s aircraft covers
has chosen to showcase 9394C as the model for their covers. To see it click on this link and then click on the bruce180.jpg C180 picture. A beautiful picture of 94C in it’s Bruce cover will show up. The same picture is part of an ad in AOPA magazine. Since Bruce did this without my consent, and I need cow plugs, I sent him an email seeing if there’s something in it for me :-) We’ll see.